tip-top Oatmilk Creamer

Aren’t you tired of all the amazing coffee creamers stocking shelves that are chock-full of dairy? Or maybe it’s the lack of selection with non-dairy coffee creamers, with mundane flavors and little diversity in branding. Well tip-top!© will solve all these problems as an inventive, fun oat-milk based coffee creamer for your everyday cup of Joe!

I developed tip-top! specifically to have a more minimalistic aesthetic. Looking at grocery shelves, most alternative milks and creamers were cluttered with imagery and text. Using a plain color background and limited elements on each side of the carton was intentional as a way to draw attention when the creamer is placed among other brand competitors.

Finding ways to make the creamer stand out was important to me, which also influenced my flavor profiles. Instead of the typical french vanilla or caramel options, I went with blueberry hazelnut, lavender honey, and vanilla pistachio. Even if someone isn't particularly searching for oatmilk creamer, they'll still be willing to try something with such yummy flavors!

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