What happens when you combine your every-day, average Joe vegetables with a dose of some really cool? Well... you get really cool vegetables!

The Eat UR Veggies blind box series provides handmade, hand painted, and super funky vegetable figurines that you can collect in 6 different designs. Whether you're a weird vegetable fanatic or just love toys, these guys make the perfect quirky home decor. 

Just don't eat them, okay?

For anyone unsure- a blind box is a type of package that keeps its contents
hidden to potential customers. The allure is the mystery of what you’ll get when you open the box! My goal with this project was to create a collectible line that people would want to buy, even if they weren't sure what they would get when they open the box. 

Want to see the thought process behind this project?

Please take the time to watch this comprehensive video on my thesis project research and studies that lead me to develop the Eat UR Veggies blind box series. 

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