Album Redesign : Case Study 01

Daniel Caesar’s album is a mixture of R&B and pop based around his own thoughts and feelings. The title of the album, Case Study 01, is referencing a personal case study; an up-close examination of him. This is why I wanted to include a silhouette (much like the original album art) as a way to represent Daniel Caesar being the heart of the work. 

I depicted Caesar's hand reaching towards the surface of the water shadowed by his silhouette. This is utilized as a metaphor to represent the act of him beginning to delve underneath the surface of himself.

I reflected this on the back of the album, where the discography is underwater. This was to show that the songs are meant to represent a part of Daniel Caesar that he hasn’t shown to others. The story from the front to the back cover  is meant to represent that transition of understanding who he is further.

The remaining aspects are dedicated to keeping the entire concept consistent with Daniel Caesar’s work and my own artistic choices. For the typographic elements of this work, I chose an all capital, bold sans serif font to pay homage to the fact that each song in his discography is titled in all capital letters. The warp to the track-list is to support the underwater motif, which is also reflected in supporting merchandise. This is true for the two fish on the back cover as well, however they also create contrast among the blue and white color scheme in the same way the hand illustration does on the front of the album. 

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